BB13’s Rashami & Jariwala Enjoy Some Fun And Games On Tiktok; ‘Kaanta Laga’ Girl Wins

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All of our favorite celebs are staying at their homes and trying their level best to entertain their fans with their adorable pics, videos, fitness videos and lots of other things. In addition, the celebs are also sharing their fun-filled TikTok videos to make their fans smile. Bigg Boss 13 contenders Rashami Desai and Shefali Jariwala have become huge sensations with their TikTok videos. The videos are cute and enjoyable. Now, Rashami Desai and Shefali Jariwala have yet another comic act for all the buffs out there.

On TikTok, Rashami Desai made a special post with the caption, “#playathome midnight craving for food and after that game session. My life is sorted let’s party. #tranding #rashamidesai.” In the post, Rashami stated that she is frolicking at home and shared all about having a food craving in the wee hours after her game session. In the video, the TV star can be seen playing an epic TikTok game and looks too cute for words.

http: the other hand, Shefali Jariwala posted a TikTok video with the caption, “#playathome #winnerwinnerchickendinner.” In the video, Shefali looks competitive as she accepts the challenge while staying at home and made use of the epic PUBG winning motto ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ on TikTok.

In the meantime, as our ex-Bigg Boss participants amuse us with their cute TikTok videos, in this face-off game, Rashami fails at 13 points being the Master of the Submarine, whereas Shefali got 18 points and becomes winner being the King of the Submarine.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 19 May 2020

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