BB13: After Paras, Arhaan Khan’s Stylist Accuses Him Of Not Returning Her Belongings

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 21 Mar 2020

As per the latest reports, Bigg Boss 13’s Rshami Desai’s ex Arhaan Khan’s stylist, Akansha Aggarwal charged him of not returning the stuff that he took inside the controversial house during his stay. She accused Arhaan of not returning the complete set of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

When the media people met Arhaan Khan to discuss the same, he did not accept that Akansha was his stylist. He stated that said she was just assisting the main stylist, Rohit, as he was not there. He also said that Akansha is doing all this just to grab limelight after Paras Chhabra’s stylist controversy.

Arhaan added that he can’t give the things back because half of his stuff is still in the Bigg Boss house. He also accepted that he has given a few things like brooches, and few clothes to other participants before his unexpected eviction.

Akansha told media people, “As mentioned by Arhaan that my intention to bring out this matter is to get limelight, so let me tell him, I really don’t need any limelight. I just want my damaged pieces and payments from him and nothing else. About Rohit being his stylist, well, it’s again a lie as Rohit only introduced me to Arhaan. I was styling him solely. I never assisted Rohit. Its been so many months I have been trying to speak with him asking for my stuff back. But he never talks to me and says ‘my staff Taj will speak to you.’ And when I call up Taj, he keeps giving me excuses like ‘I am riding so I wont be able to talk’, many of my calls go unanswered.”

Talking about Arhaan’s justification of Bigg Boss 13 production team not returning the stuff, Akansha said, “I really want to understand how channel is responsible for this. I want to ask him, who the hell is he to distribute my stuff without asking me? He has not paid for it. The clothes I sent for him were worn by other contestants inside. I don’t want to name them but who gave them the permission to wear my clothes?”

Akansha added, “I was the only one who was styling him. The Jaipur guy who he mentioned to you yesterday was a designer and he also used to send pictures to me and I used to decide what clothes he should send him to wear. How can he excuse himself by saying baaki contestants ne task mein kapde aur chize kharab kar di. You are an artist na and call your self professional. So, doesn’t he know how to protect the stuff which belongs to others and he has to return it. I am not going to take any of his false allegations on me or buy any of his excuses. I just want my things back as I have worked really hard to arrange those for him and have to return it to the concerned designers.”

Akansha also disclosed Arhaan called her up to give back her things but not the whole lot. She stated, “Ever since he has come out of Bigg Boss 13, it’s always me who has been calling him and asking for my things. But last night, for the first time his staff called me up and said, ‘Bigg Boss ke yahan se tera kuch saaman wapas aa gaya hai but abhi bhaut chize un logo ne nahi bheji.’ As per policy, if you misplace the items or damage it, then the artist has to pay the designers, not the stylist. So, I want him to pay for the stuff which he has lost as I am not going to pay from my pocket.”

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