BB14 Watch Tomorrow: Salman teases Kavita and praises Jasmin in a task; Ekta Kapoor to announce immunity game

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Bigg Boss 14’s Weekend Ka Vaar started with dashing entry of Salman Khan. Along with Salman Khan, queen of TV industry, Ekta Kapoor also arrive on the show and plays an interesting task with all the housemates. During the task, housemates talk about contestants who makes friends in the house for their benefit.

The discussion gets more heated as the contestants start taking each other’s name. Every participant have to take a prop, add foam to it and slap it on the face of that contestant that they don’t like. Jasmin takes Nikki’s name and on the other side, Pavitra surprises everyone as she takes Eijaz’s name. Along with this, Rubina takes Rahul and Nikki’s name.

After this task, host Salman Khan announces that Jasmin, Kavita and Nikki are safe from the nominations and takes other contestants’ class. Salman questions Pavitra about her priorities in Bigg Boss as she keeps changing her team in the house. Later, Salman teases Jaan as she says everyone should learn how to use friends for benefits.

Later on, Salman lashes out at Abhinav and says due to him, Rubina always gets into bad light. Salman says to him that let Rubina play as she wants and she is stronger than him.

In the promo, we see Ekta Kapoor gives a new task to the housemates in which the selected contestants needs to do mimicry of another person. It will be a fun task in the house just to jazz up the vibes in the house.

As Ekta Kapoor is known for her exciting TV shows, that twist will be visible in the tomorrow’s episode. Ekta Kapoor will announce that one contestant will get an immunity stone that will protect that winner for one week from the eviction.

After that Salman Khan will introduce a new game in the house in which two contestants will stand in front of each other and debate over who deserves to be in the house. When Jasmin and Kavita will face each other, Salman Khan will tease Kavita and praise Jasmin for her wonderful performance. Also, Eijaz, Jaan, and Rubina are nominated in this week and one contestant will be out from the house tomorrow.

Published by Ishan Soni on 21 Nov 2020

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