BB14 Watch Tomorrow: Spat between Rubina-Jasmin gets bigger, Abhinav says he is ‘done with it’

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Today’s episode started with a debate between the two teams in the house. The members of the ‘outside house’ get into a spat with the members that are inside the house. Nikki Tamboli says that she will sleep on her bed and she will listen to no one. Nikki creates chaos in the house as she tells everyone that she doesn’t care if anyone’s sleep gets disturbed due to her.

Eijaz tells Abhinav that she is shivering and he should let her sleep inside the house. Over this Rubina opposes Eijaz’s decision. After this Eijaz checks Nikki’s temperature and asks Abhinav to let her in.

After a long debate, Abhinav allows Nikki to get inside the house. But at midnight, Nikki collects her make-up stuff without letting anyone know. Over this Abhinav and Rubina say that she can’t take anything out of the house. When Nikki doesn’t listen to Abhinav, both get into a furious spat.

After some time, When Abhinav enters the kitchen to make tea, Aly and Jasmin stop him. Abhinav tells Jasmin to remember what she is doing. Jasmin says yes. In the morning Abhinav and Rubina lock Nikki in the bedroom but somehow Jasmin manages to get her out.

Over this Jasmin and Rubina get into a furious spat and due to this incident, Rubina and Abhinav also lock horns as Abhinav had allowed Nikki to be inside the house.

In the upcoming episode, we will see the spat between Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik will grow bigger. Jasmin will tell Rubina that she has now got to know her true colors. Over this, Rubina tells Jasmin that she should talk in front of her and not at her back.

Other than this, we will see that the ‘Batwara’ of the bathroom will be done tomorrow by Sanchalak Kavita Kaushik. In that task also, Rubina and Jasmin will lock horns. During the task, Rubina will try to shut Jasmin but the actress said she will reveal all her personal things on National TV and won’t be a good thing. To which Rubina will tell Jasmin that if she wants to win this show by getting into personal space, then it’s fine. After seeing all this, Abhinav will say that he is done with the show.

Published by Ishan Soni on 27 Nov 2020

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