Beware To Give Your SBI Debit Card To Your Spouse, A Couple Lost 25k For Doing This

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Published by Admin on 08 Jun 2018

We always get notified by the banks on to share atm pin and CVV number to anyone to avoid any unwanted transactions. But, this woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learned the rules of State Bank Of India the hard way now.

Recently, a leading media published the news of November 14, 2013. When a Bangalore woman named as Vandana was on her maternity leave and she gave her debit card to her husband to withdraw the money. Her husband Rajesh Kumar to withdraw a sum of Rs 25,000 and for that, she provided the ATM PIN. Well, when he went to get the money the ATM machine showed a slip where it mentioned that the money was debited but there’s no money released from the computer.

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Rajesh then made a call to the bank and explained the whole scene. As usual, the bank has responded the money will be back in the account within 24 hours but it never happened even after.

Then Rajesh made a visit to the SBI’s Helicopter Division branch at HAL and registered the complaint, while SBI allegedly closed the case saying the complainer has received his money.

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This was really shocking for the couple and they managed to take CCTV footage of the date when Rajesh went to take out the money from the ATM and the CCTV footage in their favor.

The complaint again lodged but as Vandana, the cardholder was not there in the ATM SBI recalled their ‘non-transferable’ rule and claimed that the account holder was not the ATM user. So the bank has all the rights to hold the money and turn down the case.

However, Vandana gets cash verification report from RTI that they submitted to the court later. And, again SBI counsel produced another report which fails to show any excess cash of Rs. 25,000. and the case closed again by stated ‘PIN shared, case closed.’

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In the meantime, she headed to Bangalore IVth Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum to complain against SBI that they refused to refund the amount and explain why she can’t come to bring money.

SBI produced documents that shown the ATM transaction was successful and was technically correct. And, the case continues for almost two years and on May 29, 2018, the court ruled against that Vandana and Rajesh.

Court said she can give a self-cheque instead to PIN and case refused. So guys never ever shared your ATM with your spouse.

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