Amitabh Bachchan shares exciting secrets from the sets of ‘Brahmastra’

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Amitabh Bachchan and his charisma never die. This old star that is pretty young at his heart has always been a sensation on his social media platforms. He is always active on his Twitter and his Instagram accounts and keeps sharing pictures and videos from his upcoming projects.

Recently, this man was seen sharing pictures with Ranbir and Alia while working on the sets of ‘Brahmastra’. We have seen him sharing random yet cute pictures with Ranbir, Alia and also Ayan. To make this funny, he addressed ‘Ranbir’ as ‘Ranveer’ in one of the pictures and then corrected it in his next post.

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The cast is prepping up to shoot in Mumbai for the same movie. In one of these pictures we also see Ayan having some really deep discussion with Amitabh sir, Alia Bhatt, and Ranbir Kapoor. Now, they are working seriously on the movie too keeping the fun part aside.

This elder star seems to be very excited about working and shooting for Brahmastra. We have seen his sharing day to day updates and in his recent post he has written;

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“Alia and Ranbir and moi rehearsing .. and this is not our costume or look or anything near it .. got it .. fine ..we are just chilling and .. well .. rehearsing to get the first day right tomorrow .. tomorrow ..’ meter down …as my make up man Deepak will say tomorrow, as he has done for the past 48 years .. !!!” [sic]

Amitabh Bachchan has written this on his blog. Well not only this, Big B also shared details about his look in the movie Brahmastra. Talking about his look the actor said;

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“The fresh new film, ‘Brahmastra’ .. the entire day was spent battling with the look for the film .. its a tedious job, sticking removing applying de applying and applying again, until some decision is reached .. and then on to the sets for blocking .. these are all new and unknown expressions for me, unknown in the times that I worked, unknown to most of my generation .. but it must be appreciated that the meticulous planning of the director and the production has to be appreciated .. such efforts were never seen in our time .. May this fresh and new generation with whom I have the honour and pleasure of working, give me learning and educate me in the qualities that I lack ..” [sic]

We all are pretty excited with the release of this movie.

Published by Vijay Singh on 07 Jun 2018

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