BB12 Day 9 Update: BB announces Samundari Lootere Mission as first luxury budget task

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Published by Vijay Singh on 26 Sep 2018

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 is topping TRP charts. The novel period entering its second week, the drama has already commenced and contenders are showcasing their real colors. From clashes to fresh arguments, the BB 12 has something novel to offer each time a new term rolls around.

During yesterday’s episode, we witnessed the housemates entered a clash as they nominated one another for the exclusion round.

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In the preview for episode 9, we saw the housemates perform a job and it appears like that it will be Jodi’s Vs Singles in the mission. We witness the pairs have directed Srishty Rode and all hell has burst.

Bigg Boss rolled out the Samundari Lootere mission where the part takers were once again contending against the singles. The sanchalaks of the mission include Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik.

As per the task laws, single celebrities will have to be the convicts of the pirate jodis first. The convicts will get seated and will have to defend a golden ring from being seized by the BB jodis. The jodis will try their best to acquire the ring in whichever approach possible.

Khan Sisters carry on taking the lead and shower Srishty’s face with various unusual stuff comprising water, milk and reportedly, mirchi powder also during the job. Do the pairs cross their limits during the mission?

10: 05 – Roshmi, Jasleen, and Somi discuss plan how they are will fulfill the mission.

9: 55 – Deepak Thakur admits his fault for going in contradiction of his teammates. Karanvir and Dipika give their view about Romi.

9:45 – The singles indicate how the skippers were partial during the mission and Dipika started crying. Anup Jatola and Sourabh Patel discuss the mission and Deepak Thakur’s weird conduct. The Singles converse their plans for the second portion of the job.

9: 35 – Its Dipika’s turn to be the Kaidi and the singles start their torture. The missions take a silly turn as Romil and Nirmal distress Dipika.

9: 25- The pairs begin the torment of the Neha for the mission and get into a fight with the Singles about the regulations.

9: 15 – Luxury Budget task gets announced. It’s Singles Vs Couples and it is declared that because of doctor’s guidance Sreesanth will not be a part of the mission.

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