Bigg Boss 28th September update: Nehha Pendse wins the captaincy task

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Published by Vijay Singh on 29 Sep 2018

28th September, Day 12 in Bigg Boss house has seen quite some drama. The episode kick starts with Ayushmann Khurrana reminding them about yesterday’s clashes where everybody tries to calm him down. Eventually, Dipika takes the lead and asks everyone to leave as she needs some time to talk and everybody leaves. Dipika, Shivashish, Nehha to calm him down. Romil is adamant on his word and argues with Srishty. Sreesanth breaks down and starts to cry. Karanvir helps and reasons him.

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Initially Romil nominates Karanvir but eventually, they all nominate Dipika. Bigg Boss waits for the nominations to be over. Since Dipika and Romil-Nirmal do not agree with the decisions, Bigg Boss asks the trio to go to the ‘Kaal Kothri’. Dipika accepts the decision and goes to the Kal Kothri but Romi-Nirmal deny. Kriti gets angry with Romil-Nirmal. Dipika breaks down too as she is being blamed for a thing she didn’t do. Romil-Nirmal are not going inside and Sreesanth stops Dipika from going. Dipika tries to calm Sreesanth and they break down too.

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Anup, Shivashish, Jasleen share a laughter on Dipika going with Romil-Nirmal. Dipika and Nirmal go inside and Karanvir supports Dipika. Romil breaks down and says he would go in and come out as a strong person. Sreesanth, Karanvir, Srishty, Nehha stay beside Dipika. Srishty and Nehha discuss how double-faced all are. Srishty discusses this with Saba and Somi.

Next morning: The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss calls Nehha for captain selections where she can choose between singles or jodi’s but she cannot choose Romil-Nirmal and Dipika. Nehha discusses this with Karanvir and they choose their nominations for themselves. Romil tries to create a rift and Dipika laughs it off. Nehha wants to ask Shrishty but Dipika is determines to not give her the chance.

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Deepak and Somi get into a clash and she starts crying. Deepak apologizes but Somi is determined.

When Bigg Boss asks for the names Nehha declares her and Karanvir’s name. Shrishty doesn’t think they deserve the nominations and everyone gets serious. She anyhow lightens the mood and laughs it off.

Deepak and Somi are indulged into a heated argument and Urvashi tries to calm them down.

Task starts and Anup votes for Karanvir. While Karanvir asks for Deepak’s Sourabh’s to vote for Nehha asks for Urvashi’s, Saba and Somi’s votes.

Eventually, Nehha wins the captaincy task for this week.

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