Only slim girls get work in industry: Shehnaaz Gill on her weight loss journey

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Published by Sneha Singh on 29 Jun 2021

The adorable and gorgeous actress Shehnaaz Gill became immensely famous with the show Bigg Boss. She became highlighted in the show for her innocent looks and her friendship with Siddharth Shukla. The actress went through a weight transformation after coming out of the show and is now  getting appreciated for her new look. She shared her weight loss story and diet plan in her live session on you tube.

“My team keeps telling me to stop taking sugar and salt. But all that is bakwas. It’s important to keep a check on the quantity. You soon get into a habit of eating less and that’s the key to shed the extra weight,” she shared, adding that she has moong for breakfast with tea, and dal, chawal and sabzi for lunch. “For dinner, I just have milk,” she said when asked by people about her great transformation.

Shehnaaz also mentioned that she is not a gym freak. she was upset when one of her fans said that she looked more pretty earlier, to which she further said it’s difficult to become her old version as all she will have to do will be eating a lot. But she added that for getting work she will have to be slim as the industry only demands that.

She also talked about her life struggles which made her the star she is at present . She said,” I have put in a lot of efforts over the years, and now i want only the best for myself”. Moreover she added few words of advice “I believe one knows where they fit best and luck also plays a factor. All that you need to don is to be honest towards your talent.”

She is very excited for her upcoming movie’ Honsla Rakh’. She ended the live session with a self-love note, saying, “It’s best to love yourself. Only then can you anyone else.”

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