BJP MLA Ram Kadam reacts to Javed Akhtar comparing Taliban with RSS

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Published by Dishi Ajmera on 05 Sep 2021

The controversy has broke out between Javed Akhtar and politician Ram Kadam regarding  Taliban statement made by the lyricist. Javed Akhtar in an interview with NDTV made a statement that ,” I think people who support organisations like the RSS, VHP or Bajrang Dal need to do some introspection. Of course, Taliban are reprehensible… they are barbarians. But the people whom you are supporting, how are they different from them (the Taliban).”

This statement did not go well with the politician and he took to his twitter handle and expressed his reaction. He has said that Javed Akhtar should apologise with folded hands. Till the time he does not apologies his films will not be screened. Soon after this the social media also started trolling Javed Akhtar for his statement.

One of the tweets on social media said, “I have filed the complaint against #JavedAkhtar with the @MumbaiPolicefor intentionally outranging to the RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal. Javed Akhtar called RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal supporters Talibani’s! A complaint has been lodged with Javed Akhtar’s residential police station.” The other tweet read,” #JavedAkhtar compares Taliban to VHP, RSS ; After protest complaint filed against Javed Akhtar. To hide own soot, it has become their compulsion to call anyone like Taliban. What to do The soot (Kalikh) is very deep, isn’t it ? Who is the Jehadi mindset, is clear in itself.”

Javed Akhtar has still not said anything on this and we are awaited for his statement. Will Javed Akhtar apologize or  not? The controversy broke on Sunday, 5th September, 2021 afternoon.

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