Blending Technology With Culture, Pune Based Man Installed An ANY TIME MODAK Machine

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 19 Sep 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all over the world. People are sharing videos and pictures of their ways of celebration and worshipping Lord Ganesha on the social media. During any festival in India, we create a lot of waste: be it the idols that are immersed in water or the flowers and other polluted waste on the day of Visarjan (Immersion of the idols in water). Resolving the issues of polluting water bodies, many people took the eco-friendly idol of Ganesha to their home so they can do their own good deeds for the environment. Also, people are coming up with great ideas of their own.

Recently, a Ludhiana based restaurateur Harjinder Singh Kukreja made an idol of Ganesha with 65 kg of Belgium chocolate which took 10 days and 20 chefs to be prepared. This unique way will let them help the underprivileged children by immersing the idol of Chocolate in the milk so they can serve that milkshake in the slums area.

It’s a great idea as we all know how the idols have been immersed in the ocean in which some of them are not immersed properly. This way we not only harm the environment but also we are insulting our own god and values or beliefs by not doing the Visarjan properly. You can find many videos on the social media for the same and can understand the value.

Another man came up with a creative way to honour the Lord Ganesha as he installed a unique ATM –Any Time Modak in Sahakar Nagar, Pune by Sanjiv Kulkarni. You can swipe a special card made for the machine which will vends out Modak- an Indian Sweet which is favourite of Bappa. The machine has also the idol of Lord Ganesha placed inside it. A leading daily, ANI shared a video on Twitter Official telling about the working of the Any Time Modak machine.

“#WATCH: An ATM (Any Time Modak) Ganesha has been installed in Sahakar Nagar, Pune for #GaneshChaturthi celebrations. #Maharashtra,” ANI wrote while sharing the video:

Talking to a news agency, Sanjeev Kulkarni explained his invention and it’s way of blending culture with technology. “It is ATM-Any Time Modak. You’ll get a modak through this ATM on inserting a special card. It was an attempt to move forward with technology & culture together”.

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