Bollywood Beauties Have Gone Through Major Eyebrow Transformation 

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 27 Jul 2019

Bollywood actresses look perfect whenever they step out in public. And to look on the point, they use many make-up products. These have been happening for long long time but with time, things have been changing. Today, bollywood beauties are going all-natural, with no make-up and giving their skin time to breathe.

Nowadays, celebs get papped sans makeup and showcase their natural beauty. In making them look beautiful, their on-fleek eyebrow plays an important role. ‘Eyebrows on fleek’ is a total game-changer for them. It enhances their beauty and even in sans make-up look, make them look beautiful.

And, that is the reason why Bollywood beauties have underwent some major eyebrow transformation over the years. It is visible that it completely worked for them.

So, let’s have a look at the Bollywood beauties who have gone through major eyebrow transformation:

  1. Priyanka Chopra

Former beauty queen turned global icon Priyanka Chopra is also took transformation for her eyebrow and got thick eyebrow.

Image Source

  1. Deepika Padukone

Mastani of Bollywood came in Bollywood with thin brown brows but she has thick brows now.

Image Source

  1. Kangana Ranaut

The queen of Bollywood is recognized also for her curly hairs had thin and light eye brown but she also now has dark thick brows.

Image Source

  1. Anushka Sharma

Anushka earlier too has dark thick brows but she too gone through transformation and now has better brows.

Image Source

  1. Bipasha Basu

Bengali beauty had thin straight brows but she went under eyebrow transformation and now has pointed thick and dark brows.

Image Source

  1. Karisma Kapoor

To get better brows, Karisma trimmed her eye brows and got it little thinner than before.

Image Source

  1. Kajol

Kajol had completely different type of eye brows in Bollywood. She had dense and thick brows but with time, she too trimmed it and now it suits her more.

Image Source

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

The actress didn’t have good eyebrows and hence she underwent transformation and now has good brows.

Image Source

  1. Sonakshi Sinha

The Dabangg girl had dark and thin eye brows but now she has thick and dark brows which suits her best.

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