From boosting immunity to mental health, tips to indulge into some self-care

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Crisis can never make you feel happy, and we are going through the biggest crisis of this era. It has become absolutely necessary to wash your hands, stay hygienic and also eat proper food to boost your immunity. Mental health has also become a major issue as kids are home, so are the parents. Everyone is stuck at their places and it is not a pleasant feeling for long. That is why, the lockdown is bringing so many mental illness in so many people. Here, self care plays a very important role in your life.

There are many ways you can indulge into self care. When you wake up in the morning, exercising for 45 minutes, eating healthy breakfast to practices like meditation, reading, hydrating and deep cleansing therapies can uplift the mood and make you feel better about yourself.

Take the measures to protect yourself, practice hygiene and have positive belief that this crisis will soon be over. It’s time to indulge in some entertainment as well as meditation to stabilise mood and keep calm. Meditative music plays a good role in boosting your mental health. You can indulge into mediation to keep your mind calm amidst the chaos. Practising yoga will only add up to your health. You can start from the basics.

Have your immunity boosted up with herbs like tulsi, mulethi, turmeric, ginger, etc. The immune system can be built is a very strong way. Include more salads, probiotics, protein and vitamins in your diet to avoid any vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body.

There are so many ways to indulge into self care. Make sure to look for your happiness even if it seems very hard to keep up.

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 30 Jun 2020

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