Check out these new ways of having turmeric

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We all have heard our mothers that ‘haldi’ is the best cure for anything. You are having bad cough? Have a glass of haldi & milk. You are having skin problems? Rub some haldi paste. And since then, we have believed that haldi can do a lot, which is very much true. Turmeric has loads of potential and it is a must have in every Indian household. However, we all miss out some of the greatest uses of turmeric.

It doesn’t only add taste and colour to the dish but also boosts up your immunity. It will safeguard you from several medical conditions as well. Turmeric can treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is filled with anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties. The curcumin in it can also prevent cancer. It safeguards your liver from catching toxins. It safeguards your digestive system, it kills any kind of infection in the body. And a lot more. Let’s get to know the delicious ways to use it:

The Honey Shot.
Take 1/2 tbs of honey and add some turmeric powder to it. Mix it up well and have the mixture as it is. It will help you to fight back cold and flu. Have this mixture 5-6 times a day to have a better immunity.

Mango-Turmeric Smoothie
Prepare your mango smoothie as you do and just add 1/2tbs to 1tbs turmeric powder to it. Mix well, chill it and have it. Again, a great immunity booster.

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Iced Gold Milk latte!🥤 This iced golden milk latte is delicious, and it is also nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and a modern take on an ancient healing drink. It only takes a couple of minutes to make, and it’s such a great swap for caffeine or anytime you want to feel fab! We need to keep our immune system strong these days and this helps in it! The benefits of Gold Milk Latte are as builds immunity supports the liver helps treat colds and coughs supports digestion purifies the blood supports your treatment of autoimmune disease . Makes 2-3 servings Ingredients- • 2-3 cups milk (can use almond or soy milk!) 3 Tbsp honey/maple syrup 1 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. ground ginger Pinch ground black pepper Pinch ground cardamom 1/4 tsp vanilla extract . Method- Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Use 2 cups for a sweeter, more spiced drink; use closer to 3 for a milder version. •With a blender, mix the mixture well and pour over ice into two serving glasses . . Notes- •You can fill it up in a bottle n keep in the fridge n drink when ever u like, it can stay upto a week in fridge in a bottle. Shake it well once before drinking. • You can also heat this mixture up before chilling to better activate the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the turmeric. I recommend heating it until very warm then letting cool naturally without adding ice. Adding ice will dilute the drink. Do give it a try and work on your immunity ♥️ Stay safe y'all 💙 . . #quickrecipes #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #immunesupport #immunityboost #immunebooster #immunity #healthylifestyle #healthydrink #goldmilk #turmericbenefits #turmeric #turmericlatte #latte #gold #healthyliving #fightcorona #buildstrength #foodbloggers #foodphotographer #foodglooby #foodstylist #foodphotographer #drinks #foodphotographyandstyling #yellowaesthetics #yellowtheme

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Turmeric Soup
Prepare your choice of soup, be it chicken or veg, or anything you want to have and sprinkle some good amount of turmeric powder on it to make it even healthier.

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 15 May 2020

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