Chetan Bhagat buys his own duplicate book, his kind gesture is winning hearts

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 08 Aug 2019

You may have gone over vendors selling books on the signals. You may have even purchased some from them. I realize I did since they are duplicate copies, they are anyway very cheap! Anyway, on one such sign, Chetan Bhagat in his car went over a bookseller who didn’t realize that he was Chetan Bhagat. The writer shot to fame with his famous books like Five Point Someone and One Night At A Call Center, chose to come and purchase his own book from the seller.


In the video, he can be seen inquiring as to whether he has a Chetan Bhagat nov to which the vendor conceded he did. He at that point asks, “Achi hai koi Chetan Bhagat ki?” to which the seller answered, “Nayi vala hai.”


Ignorant that the client looking into the book was Chetan Bhagat himself, the vendor was additionally asked, “Kesa likhta hai? Theek likhta hai?” to which the innocent seller answered, “Bahut bikti hai sir.”


Chetan Bhagat then inquired as to whether the novel was a copy or an original one, to which the seller genuinely addressed that it was an “online duplicate.” After some time, the writer tells the seller, “Main hi hoon Chetan Bhagat.” The vendor gets surprised and was taken aback.

Twitterati responded emphatically to the video, some commending the creator for being genial about the entire circumstance.


Here are some responses to the video.

Appears as though that writer is doing some fantastic work to spread happiness and smiles and we totally wouldn’t fret that.


The genuineness of the seller should also be appreciated. While a few writers would have been offended by the pilfered offers of their books, Chetan Bhagat chose to treat the issue daintily. Given that he has been in the business for over 10 years, he clearly should know that the duplicacy business is nearly as large as the distributing and publishing business.


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