‘Chori Karke Accha Laga Lekin…’: Thief’s hilarious confession leaves cops, internet in splits

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Published by Aman Shukla on 03 Dec 2022

For all the right reasons, a video of a thief’s funny honest confession in front of police is becoming viral on social media. In yet another surprising incident, a thief admitted at a police station in Chhattisgarh’s Durg that he had stolen valuables worth around Rs 10,000 and distributed it among the poor. In the clip, Durg Superintendent of Police Dr Abhishek Pallava questioned the thief while other cops in the room in the room burst out giggling as they listened to the answers.

“How did you feel after stealing?” asked the SP. “I felt good when I was looting,” the thief answered, “but later I regretted it.” The SP asked, “What made you regret it? How much did you take?” The thief then said, “I was sorry because it was the wrong thing to do. I stole around Rs 10,000 in valuables.”

The SP continued to ask issues, however when he inquired, “What did you do with the amount?” he was met with silence. “I distributed the money among the poor, gave ‘kambals’ (quilts) and clothes to the needy,” the thief said.

The video, which was shared on Twitter by the account @Gulzar sahab, has gotten 39K likes and more than 6000 retweets. The comments section is filled with funny responses from netizens. Take a look at some comments below.




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