Complaint filed against actress Swara Bhasker over her Ghaziabad posts

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 17 Jun 2021

A police complaint has been filed against actress Swara Bhaskar and Twitter India’s Managing Director, Manish Maheshwari in Delhi. These complaints were filed over their ‘inflammatory tweets’ on the assault of a Muslim man in Ghaziabad.

An official FIR hasn’t been filed yet by the police. The complaint was filed by an advocate from Delhi. He went to the police a day after several journalists, Congress leaders and Twitter were accused of ‘provoking communal sentiments’ in an FIR.

According to the complaint, Swara Bhaskar, journalist Arfa Khanum and a person named Asif Khan,  “got inspired from the incident and started a propaganda to spread hate amongst the citizens” through their Twitter handles. The role of the Managing Director of Twitter India is stated as that ” he did not take any action to remove these false tweets knowing the fact that the incident did not have any kind of communal angle.”

Twitter has been accused of not removing “misleading” content linked to the incident. The charges it faces are “intent to a riot, promoting enmity and criminal conspiracy.”

Sufi Abdul Samad, the man from Ghaziabad had alleged that his beard was chopped off forcefully and he was asked to chant “Vande Mataram” and “Jai Shri Ram” by a group that assaulted him. UP police say there was nothing ‘communal’ about the incident; the man was attacked by six people — Hindus and Muslims – who were angry with him for allegedly selling fake good luck charms.

Government sources have said that Twitter “has lost the legal shield” as it failed to comply with the new IT rules.

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