After Cop Seized 20,000 Kg Of Rotten Cat, Dog Meat From Kolkata, Twitterati React ‘Eww’

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Published by Admin on 03 May 2018

Kolkata, indeed a place of nonvegetarians especially the love for ‘Macchi-Chawal’ is all over. But, what the state is currently serving is completely disgusting.

Recently, Kolkata police arrested 20,000 kg of rotten meat or dog and cat and it is found that the meat is from dead animals used by restaurants and marketers.

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However, the rotten cat and dog meat are chemically treated before selling. In this matter, 10 people have been arrested as they allegedly do the work of supplying this.

According to the senior police officer stated:

“The meat used to be supplied mainly to the sellers of frozen food items, eateries, departmental stores in the state and its neighbouring areas in Jharkhand, Odisha, and Bihar. There are others from these neighbouring states who are involved in the racket.”

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This incident is highlighted from Kolkata but before it was reported from districts of Nadia, South and North 24 Parganas. An officer said: “During initial grilling, those who have been arrested have admitted to supplying it to markets in Nepal. But we are not sure about it. Our officers are talking to the Nepal police.”

An officer also disclosed how the meat is used and marketed:

“First they would wash the meat with formalin. Then they separated the fat from the meat to arrest rotting and inject calcium propanoate (as a food additive). After that, it was mixed with aluminium sulphate and lead sulphate to get rid of the foul smell and then packed and supplied to different markets and restaurants.”

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This news diverse the way of nonvegetarians towards vegans. Further, HRAEI president Sudesh Poddar stated, “Respectable eateries, including our members, don’t procure meat from dubious sources. Smaller eateries may buy chicken and mutton from roadside vendors or suppliers from the city fringes who are now under the scanner. Frozen meat is now suspect and we have requested all restaurants not to use them. But the drop in the sale of non-vegetarian food is a worry.”

This the reaction of Twitterati reaction is obvious because it more like breaking the faith:

Isn’t it disgusting?

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