A couple quits job, to take their pet on Europe tour

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 31 Jul 2019

A couple in London quits their job to take their pet on a trip to Europe. In this two-year tour, they are making the most of their time with their pet, visiting wonderful tourist places like Pisa tower, Spanish beach and Venice. The couple has such a great amount of adoration for their pet that they are willing to show him the best places on the planet. Their Pet’s name is Border Terrier and its age is 10 years.


As the pet is aging, the couple wants it to visit these beautiful places. Pertington (54) and Natasha Cooper (48), a couple from East Sussex, have taken a two-year break from their job. During this time, they are on a voyage to Europe to make the most of their time with border, and to make memories with him. As indicated by Natasha Cooper, life is so small and it ought to be spent with least tensions and more happiness. We can not hold up until retirement to invest the most quality time of life.

As per Natasha Cooper, our pet is getting old, so we need to take it to the most lovely places. Presently he has a propensity for going in the train and buses. We took this choice in light of the fact that most pets love to visit different places. They even like to play on the beaches.

The trip started in 2017. Border Terrier has so far visited France, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Wales, and Ireland. In many of the places, we were living in the camp. The couple adopted Border when it was 8 weeks old. As per the couple, Italy is the best traveler spot to visit for animals. The following visit will be to the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.


As indicated by Natasha Cooper, our need is to have a superior living in a lower budget plan, so we can not hold up till retirement. We travel via car, so our budget and merchandise are constrained. Frequently numerous days, we need to be in similar garments.


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