Crowd Pulls Truck Out Of Deep Gorge In Nagaland Using Ropes; Video Turns Viral

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A video recording of hordes of people belonging to a rural community of Nagaland pulling a truck out of a gorge has turned viral all over the web. In the said video, we can see the people pulling out the truck by making use of ropes.

In a distinctive rescue process, dozens of villagers got together to drag the truck out of a gorge that was closely 70-feet deep. The people attached the ropes to the truck, carrying ginger, to take it out from the gorge. The truck driver got escaped with slight wounds.

As per the report, the residents made their minds to take the truck out since no equipment was accessible to drag the truck out.

Nagaland state legislator and BJP national representative Mmhonlumo Kikon also shared the video on the web.

Mmhonlumo Kikon posted the video and greeted “the spirit of unity” that turned the operation successful. The video recording has since been seen more than a million times.

Mmhonlumo Kikon stated, “In a village in Nagaland (not yet identified) the entire community pulls up a truck which fell off the road with ropes and the spirit of unity!”

Another video recording posted by Abu Mehta, an adviser to the Nagaland CM and Secretary General Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), showcased the process from a diverse angle. While commenting about the rich traditional inheritance of Naga society, Mehta stated: “This video from interior #Nagaland exemplifies & showcases the strong social bonds that is so deep rooted in #Naga society.”

Kutsapo village council chairman Zashevezo Rhakho stated that males from the rural community who were “fit and not sick” were asked to join the mission. He stated that over a hundred men positively joined the rescue operation.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 13 Jan 2021

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