D.C. Teenager’s Heartwarming Promposal Turns Viral for All the Right Reasons

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 May 2018

D.C. teenager wished to do something unique for her best friend and she gave him a special surprise.

Yes, she took her best friend to her first ever school dance.

At the moment, the girl Keyonna Moore’s sweet ‘promposal’ has turned out to be a hot topic all over the web, getting love from all sides.


Keyonna Moore, a cheerleader at Anacostia High School, already decided a date for her big day. However. she changed her mind and ask her bestie, Tyuan Malik Barbour, to be her date.

Barbour, who took birth with a number of disabilities and makes use of a wheelchair, recently shifted to an educational institution.


Due to his several disabilities, Barbour has been incomplete from carrying out several things, comprising becoming a part of a school dance.

Moore told media people that she and Barbour turned best pals so, at the time when people started asking one another to the prom, she made her mind to ask her bestie Barbour to be her special date.

On Monday afternoon, as Barbour was in the cafeteria Moore walked in holding flowers and a giant purple sign that read: ‘Prom?’

People detained the special and loving moment on camera, showcasing Barbour’s special surprise and then enthusiasm when he comprehended that Moore was requesting him to the prom.


As people in the self-service restaurant applauded, Barbour said a big ‘YES’ to Moore. ‘I just wanted to show him that he matters and give him the attention and kindness that he deserves,’ she said.

‘I believe that everyone should be treated like beautiful Kings and Queens.’ Antonio Gray, Barbour’s cousin, stated that the family members of Moore’s family members are really happy and proud of her special act.

“She found it in her heart to want to make a difference for someone with special needs. Not for social media and not just to get people to like her for doing something so good but from the kindness of her heart,” Antonio Gray told.

“She’s a very good friend to Tyuan and she’s planning on sticking beside him.”

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