Delhi girl Dhanistha becomes youngest organ donor in country, gives new lives to five patients

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Delhi girl Dhanistha sets an example and gave new life to 5 persons. She has became the youngest cadaver donor in the country. Her multiple organs were donated which gave new life to five patients. Her brain stopped working after an accident and that’s when her parents decided to donate her organs for a noble cause. 

According to the reports, on January 8, Dhanishtha was playing at her home and suddenly she fell from the first-floor balcony and became unconscious. She was then admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Doctors put their all efforts for 3 days to save her but despite of all the efforts she could not be saved. On 11th January doctors informed her parents that her brain is not working. But her all other organs were in a good state. 

After losing their child, Dhanishtha’s parents decided to donate her organs to save other’s life. Her heart, liver, both kidneys, and both corneas were successfully retrieved at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and used for 5 needy patients.

Dhanishtha’s parents not only saved life of other patients but also sets a noble example. They inspired everyone to donate organs and help other people. 

Dhanishtha’s father, Ashish Kumar revealed that, when their daughter was admitted in the hospital he came across many patients who badly needed organs to save their lives. 

Ashish Kumar said, they lost their loved daughter but they want her to continue to “live”. That’s possible only when she could save others lives or improve the quality of life of needy persons. That’s when he and his wife decided to donate her daughters organs so that her heart can still beat and she continues to live. 

Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. D.S. Rana also praised and appreciated Dhanishtha’s parents for their noble work. He said they have motivated others for organ donation. Dr. Revealed that, In India not many people are aware and donate organs. Because of the lowest rate of organs donation about 5 lakhs pateints lose their lives every year. 

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 14 Jan 2021

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