Dharmendra and Hema Malini Haven’t Met Each Other For More Than A Year; Latter Says Its For His Safety

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The ongoing health crisis has made it impossible for individuals to have human contact. As the viral infection is highly contagious and life-threatening, it has become necessary to follow social distancing norms. The situation in Mumbai is worse owing to which veteran star Dharmendra has locked himself away in his farmhouse outside the city.

The veteran actor’s wife actress Hema Malini said that it’s best for his safety. As of now, they are thinking about his health rather than spending time together. Furthermore, the Dream Girl added that meanwhile, we are going through the worst crisis that mankind has faced in a hundred years.

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Hema Malini also mentioned that if we want to save civilization we must be strong, even when it means making big sacrifices. Actor Tanuj Virwani said that he completely understands where Hema ji is coming from.

The actor said that his mom is in Poland with her sister. She flew out of India with her dog before the crisis hit the country. Now, after the health emergency, she cannot fly back to India, and pets are not allowed to travel. Tanuj further added, “I miss her. But now’s the time to do whatever is required to free the world from this Covid curse.”

A while back, the veteran actor Dharmendra was the one to recommend to all take the vaccine against the disease. He had said, “I recommend the vaccination to all, especially the elders.”

Furthermore, he added that in order to stop the spread of the viral infection it is necessary to follow social distancing norms and take vaccination doses. Dharmendra also expressed his sadness over people in Mumbai not wearing a mask and not following health safety guidelines.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini have been together for several years but they must follow the social distancing norm to keep each other safe from the viral infection.

Published by siddhi ajgoankar on 30 Apr 2021

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