Different types of couples you and our partner should never become

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Published by Vijay Singh on 09 Jul 2018

We have created a list of some of those pairs you would never wish to be like them. Read the story and check out the different types of pairs yourself. Who knows you or your friend might already be one of such pairs?

#Type 1: The sadness struck pair.

These guys criticize each and everything and they are not quite sure as to how to be content. Unhappiness appears to be a division of regular life at the present.

What hits your mind when you come along a pair who always keeps on discussing their troubles?

After seeing them you will immediately think about #Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!

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#Type 2: The fighting pair.

Fighting is natural for this pair. For them, love gets substituted by screaming, damning and lack of respect.

The gives an example of the characters in the film #Total Siyappa!

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#Type 3: Always at crosshairs.

Every simple talk finishes up in an argument. They take just 2 minutes to start to fight and they are the over narrow-minded ones. The pair is full of affection but gets overpowered by special views.

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#Humaari Adhuri Kahaani is a widespread response.

#Type 4: The ‘NO’ closeness pair.

Such couples lack spark. They showcase some affection in public.

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#Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a widespread response.

#Type 5: The Koochie Koo couple.

These kinds of pairs are full of love and excitement all the time.

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The only thing that hits my mind is – #Dishoom!

#Type 6: The compare ourselves pair.

Such kinds of pairs are always busy on the comparing spree. Furthermore, the first choices and responses are condition based. They finish up their verve being Mr and Mrs Miserable.

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What say – #Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara!

#Type 7: The pretend everything is perfect couple.

Sometimes it’s all right to acknowledge that life is not ideal. Ignoring troubles and imagining all is fine doesn’t work for sensible causes.

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A word of advice for these types: – #Shubh Mangal Savdhaan?

#Type 8: The friends with benefit pair.

They are there for the benefit of it & to accomplish all the “requirements & wishes”.

image source

The best example is – #Badmaash Company

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