Electrifying Bhangra Performance On ‘Gasolina’ Will Be Your Go-To Sangeet Act With Your Family

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 17 Sep 2020

Bhangra is a very popular dance form that is basically originated from Punjab but with its rhythmic and energetic style, it has won the hearts of dance lovers all across the world and has been incorporated into other cultures too. Moreover, these days every traditional activity is mixed with fusion and presented in a new way to meet the demands of the younger generation.

Bhangra is also presented with fusion and thanks to social media, like other dance forms Bhangra also has been spread among netizens irrespective of geographic locations. There is a Bhangra crew called ‘Filming Desi,’ which is ruling the internet nowadays. Generally, we see Punjabi people or artists performing Bhangra with songs being dressed colorfully matching the steps with the beats. But it’s actually a very tough job to perform Bhangra as it is literally breath-taking and needs proper training.

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Without proper training, a dancer may hurt himself while performing. When Folking Desi crew members shake their legs, it was a flawless act to watch. They amazed everyone not only with their exemplary dancing skills but with the song they had chosen to do the Bhangra with. It was Gasolina from Daddy Yankee.

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The video went viral on the internet as it was shared by the official page of Filming Desi. Their followers gave several likes and comments. Many of them, it can be said undoubtedly, watched the videos in loops. The Bhangra crew often share their performances on social media. Earlier they went experimental with a song of Justin Bieber, which was much loved by the followers.

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The netizens are in awe after watching the unique performance. They have been praising the group, their style, and their choice of song.

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