Father get his daughter’s footprints on his new truck before starting a new business; Heartwarming video goes viral

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Published by Shrishti Gupta on 11 Apr 2022

Seeing today’s viral video, you all will have a big smile on your face. Now all of you must be thinking that which such video we are talking about. So let me tell you that a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days.

In the video, a father can be seen taking the footprints of his little doll on his truck before starting his new business. This video was shared on Twitter on 7 April 2022 by an account named Harsha, in which a very beautiful caption was also written along with the video. And that video has been viewed more than 5 lakh times so far.

In that viral video a little girl is standing on a plate filled with red dye and her father has picked her up with his arms and is getting her footprints on his new truck to start his new business. The girl’s mother standing on the same side is seen happy and smiling throughout the video. And seeing this priceless moment, all of you will also be very happy.

The caption written with the video is also giving a very cute message. “Betiya are Blessings”.

Watch the viral video;

and here are some reactions of the netizens and the comment section of video flooded with heart warming comments


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