Ahead of Finale, Have a look at Shehnaaz Gill’s entertaining and emotional BB 13 journey

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Shehnaaz Gill is among the most popular Bigg Boss contestants. Talking about her journey, she outperforms all the other housemates when it comes to entertaining the audience. She played in a genuine way. Unlike other contestants, she showed what she really is in real life.

Much the same as each competitor, Shehnaaz as well, has seen a lot of highs and lows and keeping in mind that no excursion has been one like a comfortable situation, Shehnaaz has figured out how to guide her way through the finale all alone terms and conditions. Be it facing her own kin or, seeing the ones she cherishes sneak away, Shehnaaz has had an incredible excursion on the show and we can’t deny the way that it has been an impressive one all things considered.

Beginning of attraction for Paras Chhabra

At the point when she was approached to pick a person from the ones situated back when she originally remained on the stage, she picked Paras Chhabra, and that, proceeded for some time until things went all out of control between the two. While many may fault Mahira Sharma for things going to a great extent, the two had lost the interface they previously had and keeping in mind that Paras was holding with Mahira, Shehnaaz had begun to bond with Sidharth Shukla.

Moving affection towards Sidharth Shukla

Both Shehnaaz and Sidharth had begun to have a feeling of shared liking towards one another and that is the point at which everything began. While we don’t have the foggiest idea about the moments minute when she turned out to be overly faithful to Sidharth, when she did, there was no thinking back, aside from the debates that the two continued having in specific situations all things considered. In any event, nothing changed their condition in spite of the rollercoaster together.

Breakdown in the house

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Shehnaaz has been somebody who has presumably cried the most inside the Bigg Boss house and keeping in mind that the reasons have been many, she has made some troublesome memories on account of Sidharth on different events. Be it her debates with Paras, Mahira Sharma, or every one of these emotions she needs to manage, Shehnaaz has cried on various examples, and truth be told, has additionally wound up knocking herself, which wasn’t gotten well by anybody.

Rise of SidNaaz

Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s relationship in the house has seen various stages, directly from one where they were in every event together, to each one of those occasions she wasn’t in support of him and they actioned about different things. Be that as it may, through the entirety of this, including each one of those occasions she has upheld Sidharth and the couple of days she needed to remain without him, there have been lows she has needed to manage, and now, she has turned out a genuine champ in her own sense.

Being known as a flipper

Shehnaaz has attempted to remain by whoever she feels is correct, and keeping in mind that she has made some troublesome memories when Sidharth’s loyalties developed towards Mahira and Paras, she has additionally remained against everyone in the house to just remain by what she has faith in. Be it the tasks, or debates in the house, she has shouted out, and if that has given her the tag of a flipper, she has cheerfully grasped it now.

Published by Ishan Soni on 15 Feb 2020

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