Doing flips in a saree, Parul Arora runs the internet

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Published by Stuvi on 09 Jan 2021

It’s not an easy task to have workout in an uncomfortable clothing. In fact, this is exactly why clothing companies have a separate line for clothes which are meant to be worn while exercising.

But if you can do backflips in a saree, you are winning this game and crushing the ideology that the Indian attire is uncomfortable. As women, we have reasons about finding a saree a little too complex to carry around, but once you get used to it, you know it’s amazingly comfortable.

If you see the video of National Gold Medal winning gymnast Parul Arora, you will surely get mesmerized. A video of her performing several stunts and flips wearing a saree went viral late last year. Now, the 23-year-old has gone viral again after she shared a clip of the gymnast doing a triple flip in a purple saree on her Twitter.

The author and social activist captioned the post, ”When a gymnast does flips in a saree. Watched it thrice just to see how the saree defied gravity. #ParulArora #ownit.” She continued in another tweet for the uninitiated, ”This is gymnast @parul_cutearora for those wanting to know who she is.” The clip was also shared by Bollywood actor Vidya Balan who posted the video to her Instagram stories and captioned, “Whoa #GymnasticsInASaree”.

In the clip Parul, can be seen wearing a deep purple saree, bangles and open hair, practically everything that could make any other individual trip while walking, forget performing flips, but the gymnast performed stunts in the heavy ensemble flawlessly, flashing a smile as she flipped her hair back after her perfect landing.

People took to the comments section to praise the gymnast’s perfect talent. One user wrote, ”The act is perfect but I that pride, the smile, the satisfaction on her face, that confidence, after its over- those are the winners!”

The comments of people are thrashing the section, some one commented, ”Soooooooooooooooooo nice.” Another person shares the lines, ”Saree is eternal, 6 meters of wonder that has never gone out of fashion – even after colonization”.

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