Four IIT Roorkee Alumnis Assist 500 Million Indians To Make Use Of Content On Web

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Four IIT Roorkee alumnus and above all best pals including Sourabh Gupta, Manoj Sarda, Akshay Deshraj and Prateek Gupta have brought out something imaginative, which was of complete assistance to the next 500 million Indian residents that make use of the internet.

Sourabh Gupta, Manoj Sarda, Akshay Deshraj and Prateek Gupta, who have been besties for 5 years, witnessed that in numerous rustic as well as urban regions, biz groups had ignored non-English speaking people on the digital channels. Therefore, many who even had web didn’t have the access to content.

They made their minds to begin, a stage that aids businesses interrelate and participate in with their multi-lingual clienteles in the languages favoured by them, utilizing NLP technology.

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The group has also lifted up seed funding from Kalaari Capital’s seed arm, K-Start.

“We are building our own in-house technology in collaboration with leading industry participants and academia,” he said.

At first, rolled out its B2C product named Aisha, which was an aide in Hindi for persons residing in Tier II and III cities.

“The product saw strong traction, with 50,000 users exchanging over a million messages in a short period,” said Sourabh.

image source boasts of two main components comprising –

1) Language Understanding

2) Deep Learning

“We have also been working with financial institutions on interesting use-cases resulting in scalable ways to increase business, reduce operational expenditure, and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction,” added Sourabh.

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The country is considered to have more than 100 million English talkers, which makes up around 10% of the population. India is a multi-lingual country, with around 780 languages.

In MobileSparks 2015, Sahil Kini, Principal, Aspada Investments, stated that English makes around 56% of all web content.

With this funding round, is concentrated towards setting up a tougher product and aspires to employ additional people to extend the tech squad.

Sourabh said, “Our vision is to create a broad-based engagement platform for a billion Indians using AI to address the needs of people who can be reached only through vernacular languages. In a country of more than 1.3 billion people, only about 150 million can understand English. For others, the internet is largely inaccessible. We are building India-specific products to solve this problem.”

Published by Vijay Singh on 18 Jun 2018

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