Frogs got married in July to please rain’s God, now gets divorced to stop rains in MP

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 13 Sep 2019

It was in July 2019 that two frogs got married in Udupi as a gesture to please the Gods who are responsible for bringing rains to the area. However, the marriage is now being called off just after two months and the reason is that the state is getting excess rain as of now.

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વરસાદને ખમૈયા કરાવવા દેડકા-દેડકીના છૂટાછેડા કરાવ્યા! સારો વરસાદ લાવવા માટે દેડકા-દેડકીનાં લગ્ન કરાવતા લોકોના ન્યૂઝ દર વર્ષે જૂન મહિનામાં આવી જ જાય છે. ભોપાલમાં પણ આ વર્ષે ધામધૂમથી દેડકા-દેડકીને પ્રભુતામાં પગલાં પડાવવામાં આવ્યાં હતાં. આ લગ્નવિધિનું કારણ હોય કે ગમે તે, પણ આખા દેશમાં વરસાદ સારો થયો. ધારણા કરતાં ક્યાંય વધુ થયો અને હવે સ્થિતિ એ આવીને ઊભી થઈ છે કે વરસાદે કાળો કેર વર્તાવવા છતાં બંધ થવાનું નામ નથી લેતો. ત્યારે ભોપાલવાસીઓને નવેસરથી દેડકા-દેડકી યાદ આવ્યા છે. એમણે સાદું લોજિક લગાવ્યું છે કે જો દેડકા દંપતીનાં લગ્ન કરાવવાથી વરસાદનું આગમન થતું હોય તો તેમના છૂટાછેડા કરાવવાથી વરસાદ બંધ પણ થવો જોઈએ! બસ, આ વિચારને એમણે બાકાયદા અમલમાં પણ મૂકી દીધો છે અને બે મહિના પહેલાં જે દેડકા-દેડકીનાં લગ્ન કરાવાયાં હતાં તેને હવે વિધિવત્ રીતે છૂટાછેડા અપાવવામાં આવ્યા છે! બોલો, હવે આમને શું કહેશો?! #Bhopal #FrogMarriage #FrogDivorce #Superstition

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The wedding ceremony of the two frogs was organized by Nagarika Samithi and Pancharatna Seva Trust, way back in July. But today, Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal in Bhopal decided to get them divorced as their marriage has brought an excess of rain that they had asked for.

The organizers said that making them divorced is the only way to save certain regions of Madhya Pradesh that are under the threat of flood due to excess rain.

The marriage between the two frogs had already became a big news that time and there were a lot of people who supported the cause, while a lot of people also started criticizing the act, saying that it was indeed a violence against the animals.

This might be a great relief for the frogs as they will not go to separate ways and embrace the good old time for them. They can also enjoy some good time out in the rain.

There is an anomaly that such rituals often results in the torturing of animals and have often got the backlash for purposely removing the animals from the surroundings that are natural to them.

In September this year, Madhya Pradesh has received a huge rainfall and as of now there is a increase of 26% in the total rainfall and the state also experienced flood situations like in other states. The city of Bhopal received 48mm of heavy rainfall and most of the places across the state have been placed under alert.

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