Full Body Home Workouts To Remain Fit And Healthy During Lockdown

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Due to the ongoing worldwide problem, masks have become a compulsory thing to make use of in order to inhibit the spread of the problem. People are staying indoors to keep themselves safe. But at the same time, their daily routines have been hampered. With gymnasiums still shut, even after the announcements of some relaxations in lockdown in India, fitness, and health needs to be taken care of at home. Since gyms are closed and running, walking, or working out outdoors without making use of masks is not suggested, we have to discover alternatives. Full-body home exercises can provide you a similar outcome as outdoor exercises. Here is how you can practice it.

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Happy Thursday! Here’s the new AB CHALLENGE workout! Sorry for lighting I tried to film the workout prior to Blakey girl waking but didn’t pan out, had to make due😝 If you haven’t already started, feel free to start now (no biggie 😻). We started 2 weeks ago & now this is week 3! It’s the perfect little goal to set for yourself everyday: it’s only 7 min! Ab workout details below! ⁣ ⁣ 🌼 In n Outs 1 min⁣ 🌼 Leg Raise Pops 1 min ⁣ 🌼 Plank Cross Knee Tuck 1 min⁣ 🌼 Starfish Rotation Crunch 1 min⁣ ⁣ *Rest 30 seconds*⁣ 🌼 Bird Dog Crunch 1 min⁣ 🌼 Reverse Plank Knee Tuck 1 min⁣ 🌼 Crunch Leg Lift 1min (keep top half in a crunch position the whole time keeping core engaged) ⁣ 💥 Bonus exercise 1 min⁣ ⁣cc: @kayleeullom

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Full-body home exercises to remain fit and healthy

30 minutes of cardio – It comprises running, jogging, and brisk walking but you cannot practice this outside at the moment. As a result, you can perform a dance workout at home in its place. It has a related effect and burn calories. Around 10 minutes of a dance session comprise jumps, hip turns, etc to give your body a good stretch.

30 minutes of strength training – It will keep you fit and fine. To build muscle mass, you can include the following –
• Squats – 30 reps and 3 sets – It aids to tone the glutes, thighs, hips, and improve posture
• Plank – 1-minute plank workout can aid tone your belly, builds arm strength
• Leg raises – 30 reps and 3 sets – Helps to tone the lower abdomen and legs
• Crunches – 30 reps and 3 sets – Aids to lessen belly fat and tone core muscles
• Standing ab bike – 30 reps and 3 sets – Aids to move your whole body and ward off calories.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 23 May 2020

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