Good News for Biryani lovers as it becomes the most ordered food in 2020

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Published by Stuvi on 23 Dec 2020

Due to the lockdown, people may not have been able to enjoy eating outside, but the fans of ‘biryani’ do not hesitate to order this dish at home. According to the fifth annual data of online-based food-ordering app Swiggy, despite the unexpected timing, people’s attachment to biryani did not decrease in 2020 and order of more than one biryani every second has been placed.

The Bengaluru-based company said in a statement, ” biryani has retained its place as India’s favorite dish, with three million new users ordering biryani for the first time on Swiggy. People did not like veg biryani that much. On the order of each one other food item , there were six  biryani orders.”

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The biryani was followed by masala dosa. Five of the best dishes in India this year include paneer butter masala, chicken fried rice and garlic breadsticks. Demand for cappuccino, flavored tea and street food has increased during the lockdown.

The report says that Swiggy’s customers have taken different steps to overcome the sluggish after-lunch banquet while working from home. Kinds of tea and coffee are ordered. The report says, “What did Indians miss the most in 2020? Neither colleagues not friends, but pani puri (golgappa). Swiggy has supplied more than two lakh orders of pani puri after the lockdown. Two customers from Bhopal and Bangalore have given a tip of five-five thousand rupees (sparingly) to those who reached the order on different occasions.”

Moreover, the lockdown made many people cook and learn many delicacies and recipes.

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