Google phone : Now snooze alarm, play music and much more without touching your phones

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Google to introduce a new technology in its, to be launched Pixel 4 smartphones Motion Sensor. The concept is to free users to touch their phones for basic jobs. The process is named as Project Soli and Google’s Advanced Technology and Project’s Team (ATAP)  has been working on this technology. This project will help smartphones to recognize gestures and making the device to understand that the user is nearby by deploying a motion sensed radar.


With the front camera near the earpiece, Google Pixel 4 will be the smart smartphone to come with Soli radar chip. It will help the users to snooze alarms, silent phone calls, change music by just waving hands to the Pixel 4 in a set manner. It will be similar to the BMW 7 series car.

“These capabilities are just the start, and just as pixels get better over time, Motion sense will evolve as well. Motion sense will be available on select Pixel countries,” said Google in a Blogspot.

The Pixel 4 will have a face unlock system rather than a customary fingerprint scanner. And the soli radar chip is something very different this time.” Face unlock may be a familiar feature for smartphones, but we are engineering it differently Said Google.

Google further explains that, as you reach the Pixel 4, the soli Chip will automatically turn on the face unlock sensor and it will scan your face the moment you pick up your phone. The entire process will be an easy and faster task.


Published by Lokendra Sharma on 01 Aug 2019

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