Health-care machinery blunder: Gives two different COVID-19 vaccine doses to a 72-year-old man from Maharashtra

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Published by Ananya on 14 May 2021

A 72-year-old man from Maharashtra was given two doses of different COVID-19 vaccines in an unusual incident. Dattatraya Waghmare, a resident of Khandvi village in Jalna district’s Partur taluka, received the first Covaxin injection on March 22 at a rural hospital. He was given Covishield for the second time on April 30 at a primary health care centre in Shrishti village.

Waghmare’s family has complained that after the second dose, he developed minor complications. Waghmare’s son Digambar stated that his father developed a rash on his body after the second dose, along with a mild fever and anxiety, according to The Times of India.

He told that his family took his father to the Partur state health centre, where he was given medication and the lapse on the part of the health machinery was discovered only a few days ago when he saw two vaccination certificates.

He went on to say, that his father is illiterate and that he is also uneducated. It was the responsibility of the health officials present at the vaccination centre to ensure that his father received the same vaccine doses. Digambar Waghmare, Waghmare’s son, is a 29-year-old man who runs a hair-cutting salon.

His family brought the matter to the attention of the taluka’s health officials. According to reports, his father is a heart patient who had bypass surgery a few years ago.

An investigation has been launched, according to Swapnil Lale, deputy director of health, Aurangabad division.

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