Here are 4 times Big B got ignored by his pals and his coworkers

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Published by Vijay Singh on 04 May 2018

What is the more irritating moment than not getting a proper or no response to your special messages? Nothing.

Nothing’s more irritating or irksome than this. This gives you too much irritation when you will not get a proper response from the other side.

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And Bollywood’s megastar Amitabh is of the same opinion as he got ignored by a lot of film stars.

Here are 4 times Big B got ignored by his pals & coworkers:

1. On Anushka Sharma’s birth anniversary, Big B messaged, “@AnushkaSharma .. Anushka .. this is Amitabh Bachchan @Srbachchan .. wished you on May 1st via sms .. no response .. checked they said you changed number .. sent greetings again .. love and wishes .. you looked radiant at the IPL game last night 🌹🌹🌹🙏”

Amitabh Bachchan shared a special tweet to convey his dil ka dard.

But why Mrs. Kohli did not respond to Big B’s message.

However, Anushka isn’t the only star who ignored the superstar.

Big B has been ignored by a lot of stars formerly in addition.

2. Actor Ranveer Singh messaged – “thank you so much! that is the intention! 👊 love always”

Amitabh Bachchan answered – “Hey .. but what about my intention .. sent you sms greetings for your birthday .. did not get a reply .. did you see it .. !??😗”

And what did Ranveer do after being reprimanded?

He finished the game after calling up Amitabh Ji ‘GOAT.’

Ranveer Singh messaged – “Except that i TOTALLY replied! I just cross checked it too! You were in fact one of the first to even wish!”

Ranveer Singh added – “And it’s the little things like these, that make you THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME !!! #bachchan #GOAT I’m blessed that you even know i exist!”

Here GOAT means ‘Greatest Of All Time’

3. The list also consists of dimpled beauty Preity Zinta too.

Amitabh Bachchan messaged, “Preity Zinta …!! wherever you are, since you have refused to reply to my sms .. Ha ha ..A very happy birthday .. love and happiness.”

But the actress did not answer even after being blamed by the superstar, this Twitter user entered into the game.

अमित शुक्ल 🇮🇳 – “Zinta zinda hai”

4. What Akshay Kumar did?

Akshay Kumar – “Thank you to absolutely everyone for showering me with such sweet blessings on my birthday.”

Big B wrote, “@akshaykumar Yo Akshay !! hey ! I sent you sms greetings for birthday . Did you get it ? Or is your phone jammed ? Love and success always”

“Sir ji jisko wish kiya usne toh reply diya nahin.

Iss bhai ko hi kar dete. Iska bhi budday tha.”

Amol Khiladi 😇 – “Mera birthday hai aaj”

And this boy just made fun.

“Bhai humein pata hai inka jawab nahin.

Jawab hi toh nahin aa raha hai kahin se.”

Akshay Deshmukh – “Aapka jawab nahi hai SIR… 🙏🙏. Koi nahin, Amit uncle. My birthday comes on 3rd August. Do wish me. I’ll definitely reply.”

Well, superstars are also ignored by people at times.

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