Not Hrithik but Rakesh Roshan is India’s new favorite dancer, take a look at the viral video

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Published by Tapasya Iyer on 13 May 2021

When we say Bollywood’s best dancer, Hrithik Roshan pops up in everyone’s mind. His moves and grooves have no match in the industry and every Bollywood buff is his fan. Imagine, if you are told not Hrithik but his father Rakesh Roshan is a better dancer. You won’t believe it, right?

A viral video of Rakesh Roshan showing off his dancing skills on famous ‘Kal ho na’ steps has gone viral on social media and netizens have started a full on meme fest.

It started when during a discussion on Twitter, an user said that Rakesh Roshan was one of the best dancers in India in 1980s. When some users argued and asked for evidence, a video was shared where we can see Rakesh Roshan dancing to Hrithik’s song.

And then the meme game began.. Take a look at some of the tweets:

Apparently, dancing is something that runs in the Roshan family blood. We would love to watch a father-son duo performance sometime.

Image credits: Times of India (Image is used for representational purpose only)

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