Ileana D’Cruz Going Through Tough Phase Ever Since Her Separation With Hubby Andrew Kneebone

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It is always a difficult experience when your heart gets broken after falling in love with someone. In such a situation, the days gets long, the night gets cold and the entire world across us seems to fall apart. It really looks that we will never be able to smile once again and ultimately, the pain will fade away before a new dawn.

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz is also going through a similar phase in her life after she decided to break up with her husband, Andrew Kneebone.

The actress had a long distance relationship with Andrew Kneebone and this has really fluttered the hearts of her fans.

Majority of her fans really thought that they are the most ideal soulmates and even the rumors about their marriage had made a huge voice in the Hollywood industry. Both Ileana D’Cruz and Andrew Kneebone were regarded as the best fairytale couples, but they were destined for some other plans and eventually they decided to part their ways. This really shocked everyone and even their fans were not at all able to believe the fact that they have parted ways.

In a recent interview, Ileana D’Cruz talked about her breaking up with Andrew Kneebone. During the interview, Ileana said that instead of being depressed, she was trying to fight the situation and has been able to come out stronger.

She is trying to find happiness in her own little things, rather than relying on people. She also revealed that she was very much depressed after the breakup and she ultimately had to go to a therapist. The therapist advised her to accept the compliments and hence she accepted herself in the best way possible.

“Initially, I was told to not speak about my relationship. And while I don’t have an issue talking about it, it’s unfair that people are being unnecessarily harsh to him (Andrew). It is unfair to subject him to harsh comments just because I am a celebrity. He is entitled to his privacy and respect and he deserves both in equal measure. He is a great person, and it did affect me when people left harsh comments on my social media posts. But I do give it back to nasty remarks,” she said.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 09 Nov 2019

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