Jasmin On Sonali Phogat’s Proposal To Aly: Mujhe Pata Hai Ki Aly Ke Dil Mai Kaun Hai

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Popular television star Aly Goni and his ladylove Jasmin Bhasin have been hitting headlines at the moment because of Bigg Boss 14. Their fans and admirers are in awe of their cute chemistry within the controversial house. They have also become the main highlight of this term. After the entry of Aly, the show has become more engaging as well as exciting as the audiences love to watch them together. Their delightful chit-chats, loving talks, little spats, cute arguments, and farfetched backing for each other have become the main highlights amongst all.

But, Jasmin’s shocking eviction from the Bigg Boss 14 house has made Aly really upset and he too had a health problem during his girlfriend’s exit from the house. It is already clear that the two are special and can’t live without each other.

During one of the media talks, Jasmine had also disclosed that the two will be getting married shortly. In an interview with the media, Jasmin had stated that once Bigg Boss 14 comes to a conclusion, she and Aly’s parents will meet and discuss all their weddings.

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Now, we will talk about the latest happening in the house of Bigg Boss 14. In the episode, we witnessed the wild card entrant, Sonali Phogat admitting her ‘special feelings’ in front of Aly Goni. The two had a special talk during in the dining zone. In the video recording, Sonali asked Aly that she has some special place for him in her heart. On which, Aly replied, “Aapne jo mujhe bola, mujhe bahut acha laga, Usme koi problem ni hai. Aapne bola mujhe acha feel hua. Toh esme koi buri baat ni hai.”

After which, Sonali told Aly that she wishes to speak to him secretly as she cannot talk with him in the company of everyone as her feelings have changed for him. After this, Aly advised her in an indirect manner that they will stay as good friends. On this, Sonali maintained that things have transformed a lot and currently she has special feelings for him. She also said that having feeling for someone is a natural thing. On this, Aly started smiling and blushing with his head down.

In an interview with media, when Jasmin was asked about the same, the well known TV actress clearly stated that it’s completely normal for her. She said, “Aly ki aakhein he esi hai ki jo bhi unme dekhta hai, unme doob jata hai. Mujhe lagta hai ki ye bahut he cute hai ki unhone Aly ko propose kia. Jo Sonali ne feel kia vohi express kia.” Jasmin stated that no one can stop their feelings and sentiments and there’s nothing wrong.

She added that she’s not anxious and both she and Aly treated her like a mother. She said, “Hum Sonali ji ko maa ki tarah treat karte the, toh phir jalan kaha se hogi? 100 log hume pasand karte hai par mujhe toh pata hai ki Aly ke dil mai kaun hai.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 14 Jan 2021

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