Kajol uploads a hilarious meme of herself, check that out

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Kajol is a savage queen of the film industry and it is needless to say that. Kajol has been the wittiest person in the room, maybe perks of being so close to Shahrukh Khan? Recently, Kajol uploaded a picture of herself in a meme format where she said, “So glad you didn’t get the joke and now I realise that u didn’t even get that it was on you!”, and her picture and facial expression just nailed it. Her little mischievous smirk is something which adds all the needed flavours to this meme.

It is not the first time Kajol has shared a meme of herself, she had done it many times before. She has been the savage queen in interviews, talk shows and she is proud of it.

In the last season of Koffee With Karan when Kajol came with Ajay, she had revealed how she loves simplicity. Ajay had revealed how Kajol orders the cheap and budget friendly bags from online sites and flaunts them like any branded ones like Gucci and Versace. Now that needs confidence and calibre, and Kajol has both of them.

In another interview, Kajol had revealed how she loves to eat street food and she misses it so much. So she often sends her driver to get some spicy and hot street foods for her and her family.

Kajol has always been a woman who celebrates herself in a beautiful way and that is never going to change. Her meme is just another example of how savage she is and how witty at the same time. Her Instagram feed is filled with such captions, go check them out.

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 26 Jun 2020

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