Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a message on mother’s day, becomes the celebrity advocate of UNICEF India

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Kareena Kapoor Khan recently shared a message on Mother’s day. Being the most famous celeb mommy in India she talked about motherhood and parenting. Kareena said she never made expectations about what will be the gender of her child. The only thing that she prayed for was a healthy child. Kareena also gave some parenting tips and talked about how important are the family members of a new mother.

Parenting is a responsibility for both mother and father according to her. Kareena is the celebrity advocate of UNICEF and she shared this message on mother’s day. No matter what the gender is every child deserves to be loved and has equal rights.

Mrs. Khan also shared some of her experiences with Taimur. When she wasn’t capable of taking care of Taimur, her husband Saif came out to be a big support for her. She also added that it’s because of Saif that she is able to attend the event and talk about motherhood being a representative of UNICEF. Taimur was with his father on mother’s day and Kareena attended UNICEF’s event. Both of them are giving some major parenting goals.

Seems like Saif and Kareena in-spite of their career goals are very much aware of their responsibilities towards Taimur. Bebo called parenting as an equal effort of both the parent towards their child. It was difficult for Kareena when she was told to breastfeed her son for the first time. Here too she thanked Saif and her family members for being there and helping her out. What a mother does for a child can’t be done by anyone, similarly, the efforts a father puts for his child can’t be done by others.

Published by Admin on 18 May 2018

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