Kartik Shares Good News As He Drops Koki Poochega’s New Episode With Kerala Hero Nooh Bava

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After a great deal of discussion, Kartik Aaryan has finally trimmed his heavy beard and is back in his ‘cool’ avatar. With his hot avatar, the dashing hunk drops the novel chapter of his super hit series Koki Poochega and amazes his buffs and admirers with some special news.

On his Insta handle, Kartik shared info about the 5th episode of the super-duper hit series, Koki Poochega. He made the declaration about the new episode in a quirky way in which the actor can be witnessed in his clean-shave avatar, notifying that his buffs voted for the clean-shave look as compared to the bearded one.

And how the former choice won by ‘kinchuk’ margin over the latter. Now we guess what does kinchuk entails as he mentions his sister who’s writing ‘se*y is back’ on a board. Aaryan even shares some good news as he tells us how Indians across the world are being safely brought back to the nation and it’s certainly a respite for the people to be back home.

Kartik also shared some good news amidst these tough times and keep web users and audiences feel-good. And speaking of decent news, his latest invitee on Koki Poochega is Kerala’s new-found superhero IAS officer, Nooh Bava. The man with his immediate choice-making skills, assisted to end the spread of the problem in his region. The conversation is of great interest and Kartik Aaryan does a wonderful job. He starts the chapter with Rahul Subramanian, a stand-up comedy to instill extra energy in this good-vibes filled episode.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 19 May 2020

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