Katrina Kaif Reacts To Arjun Kapoor’s Meme While We Wait For Kohli’s Reply

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Using social media was a part of everyone’s life before pandemic but after it, all we have is social media to pass our times out of boredom. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are being actively used during the lockdown as everyone has plenty of time at their houses. Who would have thought that we can safe the world while staying at homes? Most of the companies are working online and it’s like the Internet has saved our lives by giving us opportunity to work from home and earn money.

It is the internet that is helping us to stay connected with our family members who are living in other cities and countries. Indeed, the internet has become a life-saver during this tough time.

Meanwhile, Bollywood celebs are also in touch with their co-stars on social media be it through chatting or commenting on posts. Actor Arjun Kapoor is one entertaining factor on social media these days and becoming a pro at it. He not only caught his fans but caught Kaif’s attention too on his recent post about Cricket.

While sharing a video on his Instagram, he wrote, “All cricket lovers right now? 😂 @virat.kohli do you relate??”. On this, Katrina took no time and commented on his post saying ‘I do’.

No wonder, folks are waiting for Virat Kohli’s reaction as Arjun has tagged him in the IG post. Also, a video got viral on social media where Anushka and Virat can be seen playing Cricket in their sumptuous Villa.

Talking about this pandemic, it’s been 2 months since lockdown has been executed in India and everyone is waiting to get back to their normal lives where they can work and roam freely everywhere.

You guys stay safe at your home as all we can do is pray to our Lord to make everything better!

Published by Netra Singh on 23 May 2020

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