Krushna Abhishek opens up on how he misses his Mama Govinda and wants his babies to play with him

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Published by Shrishti Gupta on 09 May 2022

The controversy between famous actor Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek is not hidden from anyone. Both the stars avoid facing each other. Whenever Govinda comes as a guest in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Krushna Abhishek does not appear in that episode. Now once again Krishna has talked about Mama Govinda. He told that he misses Mama Govinda a lot.

Actually, recently Krushna Abhishek became a part of Maniesh Paul’s podcast. During this, Manish talked about the dispute between Govinda and Krishna. He asked Krishna in his podcast, ‘I want to know from you whatever is going on about Govind sir. The problems and resentments that are going on, then what is all this?’ In response to this, Krishna Abhishek says, ‘The surprise is that whatever I say in the interview, neither of those things are shown by adding cut-paste. On this Manish Paul says, ‘This is my show and nothing will be edited here’.

After this, Krushna Abhishek becomes very emotional while talking about Mama Govinda. He says, ‘Chichi Mama, I love you very much and miss you very much. I always do You never go on papers and never go on these things that what has come in the media or what has been written. I miss only one thing. I want my children to play with my uncle. I miss him a lot. And I know he will miss me a lot. Will always remember ‘.

During an interview last year, Krushna Abhishek had apologized to his maternal uncle Govinda. During a conversation with Spotboye, he said, ‘I love Mama and Mama very much. I apologize to them. I have tried many times but they do not accept my apology and that is the problem. I don’t know why they are not ready to forgive me when I am like their child. I have said many times in so many interviews that we will solve our problems and they have said the same thing, but to no avail. The situation remains as it is.


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