Mahesh Bhatt labels nepotism as ‘manufactured debate’ currently prevailing in the industry

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Published by News Desk on 30 Jun 2023

Mahesh Bhatt is known for being an exceptional storyteller and is also considered as one of the most outspoken individual in the showbiz. However, lately the filmmaker is often embroiled in the ongoing debate about nepotism. This is because he had launched his own daughter Pooja Bhatt and his nephew Emraan Hashmi into the movies.

Speaking about the same in a conversation with Bollywood Life, the filmmaker described the nepotism debate as a ‘manufactured’ one. However, he also spoke in favour of outsiders by saying that industry people have often shut their doors to outsiders.

Mahesh admitted that the industry has some tendency to have successful production with insiders, so the doors are usually locked for outsiders. He went on to say that it has been historically noticed that such inward-looking people often suffocate themselves sooner or later and die.

He also added that there is no denial that families keep the kingdom usually withing the family that gets the maximum benefits. He mentioned that why shouldn’t one pass the assets to his/her own family, but also stated that if this keeps on happening, then how will outsides get a chance.

Mahesh’s daughter Alia Bhatt, who was launched by Karan Johar, has often been target of nepotism debate.

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