Mahie Gill opens up about Casting Couch, said “A director wants to see her how she looks in a nightie”

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The whole Casting Couch debate started when the Telugu actress Sri Reddy came up with a shocking statement of Casting couch against the director. And when the debate was dying down Dance choreographer Saroj Khan added fuel to the fire once again by her nasty and controversial comments on the issue.

Now here’s what Mahie Gill has to say on this matter:

The actress, who had done several bold characters, revealed to Hindustan Times how naive and shy she was when she arrived in Bollywood and how some casting directors tried to take advantage of this!

As Mahie revealed, “It happened with me a few times. I don’t even remember the name of the directors. I had to meet a director, so I wore a (salwar) suit, and he told me, ‘If you wear a suit and come, nobody is going to cast you in a film. Then, I met another director, and he said, I want to see how you look in a nightie. There are idiots all around.”

She added, “I was so new to Mumbai, so I didn’t know who was right and who wasn’t. And when people know that you are new to the industry and struggling, you tend to listen to them. I mean, I actually started thinking, ‘Achha, aisa hota hai ki suit pehnne se role nahi milte aur koi kaam nahi dega’. It’s very difficult to meet the right kind of people.”

Mahie even revealed how she used to run away or use different tactics to avoid casting couch. She told, “I was anyway nervous while meeting people, so whenever someone tried to give me dumb logic or guide me in any way, I used to run away. After all this, you don’t know who to meet, how to meet them. There was a point when I stopped meeting people in their offices and I even used to take a friend along with me so that people didn’t try to act smart. But then, you want money also, so, I started doing some serials also on Doordarshan.”

Published by Soniya Kaur on 02 May 2018

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