Malaika Arora says she would probably ‘get married again’, reveals her New Year plans with Arjun Kapoor

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Published by Aman Shukla on 29 Dec 2022

Actress Malaika Arora, who at last let her guard down on the show Moving In With Malaika, has arrived in trouble for taking multiple digs at her sister Amrita Arora. In the most recent episode, the actress travelled to Goa to surprise and solve things with Amrita. In any case, things go downhill when the sisters fight over their mother Joyce Arora’s ‘kangan’. In the midst of the argument, Malaika said that she would probably ‘get hitched again’ and added that she deserves the bangle.

At the point when the sister duo sat down at a café in Goa, Amrita took a gander at Malaika’s diamond bracelet and recalled their mother’s kangan. Malaika said, “I’d forgotten, you just jogged my memory.” Amrita said that Joyce had as of late worn that bangle at a function and added that she has at last chosen to give it to her favourite daughter–Amrita.

Malaika, who was speechless, didn’t say anything as her face did the talking. Taking a gander at Malaika, Amrita immediately asked if she wants it. “We can share it, but it’s coming to me.”Malaika answered and said, “You keep it. Thank you. You are her favourite daughter, Ammu.”

Amrita said that she shouldn’t take things in a serious way and Malaika answered by saying that maybe some of the time she gets a little touchy. In any case, Malaika changed her stance and said that out of them, if anyone was probably going to get wedded again it would be her. So she thinks she deserves the bangle, not Amrita. Malaika then called Amrita mom’s chamchi.

Further, after the duo sorted their problems, Amrita inquired about what is going on with Arjun and what are you doing on New Year? Malaika answered that they will go somewhere and they will do something not quite decided on the whereabouts. She also added that she mean there is so much going on any which way. “You have been seeing the kind of stress that I am under.”


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