Man dining alone at Mumbai hotel gets a pleasing surprise from staff; netizens full of praise

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 09 Aug 2019

Enjoying a special food after a confused day is the best pleasures that everyone wishes to relish. However it’s not that great if you are away from family due to work and having food alone. So, a sweet gesticulation by a well-known 5 star hotel in the city of Mumbai to ensure that their visitor doesn’t feel lonesome is making people happy and excited all over the web.

Recently, Mr. Prakash Mallya, MD at Intel India, Sales and Marketing Group was in the city of Mumbai when he made a stop at one of the eateries of the Trident hotel in Bandra Kurla compound for a swift meal.

After seeing the customer alone at the food table, the loving and great staff placed a fishbowl at the table to guarantee that the customer had some company.

Pleased by the special gesture, Mallya posted a picture and penned a special note, “The hotel staff come by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice & thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travel thus far😊!”

The tweet made by him gathered up a lot of attention all over the web and a lot of people got touched by the special gesticulation, with a number of people saying they all wish to get treated like this.

The episode happened at the hotel’s Italian speciality restaurant which is named Botticino, and the hotel said that it’s been a custom from the time when the eatery commenced its working. The hotel acknowledged the customer for sharing the experience.

As per hotrl representative, “At Trident Bandra Kurla – a large part of the clientele involves guests travelling on business who frequently dine alone. This delightful gesture of placing a fishbowl on the table is to keep guests engaged, thus adding a personal touch to their meal experience.”

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