Man Donated A Small Amount To Kerala Relief Fund That He Himself Had Received In Charity

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Published by Admin on 01 Sep 2018

The recent happenings in Kerala led to the whole nation standing together and proved that when the need arises, we as a nation can stand together to help each other. People from different parts of the country made contributions to help people in Kerala. Whether big or small, people did what they could.

We often come across the headlines stating how big amounts our Bollywood celebrities donated. However, there are people who donated a big part of their total life earnings and we are not even aware of it.

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Recently, a story for one such man has surfaced the web. A man named Mohanan is a resident of Poonjar in Kottayam District who lives on charity. He walks around the streets to beg and this way he affords two square meals a day.

According to the reports, he walked four kilometres to reach the house of a local politician to give his contribution to Kerala Relief Fund. When he reached the house of TM Rashid, the politician gave him Rs 20 thinking that he has come to his house for begging. However, Mohanan refused to take the money. He instead sat on the floor and started counting the coins in his hand. He then handed all the money to the politician saying that he wanted to donate it to CMDRF, and he didn’t know how to do it.

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Rashid shared the incident on Facebook and told that the man used to work as a mahout until he suffered a serious leg injury in an elephant attack. Mohanan offered him Rs 94, all in coins that he himself had received as charity.

Rashid said that when the man left his home, he was overwhelmed with emotions and his gesture and therefore he posted about the same on Facebook to let the world know about it.


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