A Man Tried To Teach Liverpool Player Salah To Dress His Daughter Appropriately

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Last Saturday was the finale of UEFA Champions League and the trophy was lifted by Liverpool for the sixth time. Mohamed Salah scored one of the fastest goals 2 minutes into the match. To win the trophy, Liverpool defeat Tottenham by 2-0 and appeared as a winner. It was also for the recovery of their last year’s defeat against Real Madrid.

Mohamed Salah became the first ever Egyptian man to lift the Champions League trophy of UEFA Champions League. It was a historical moment for the fans of Salah. After winning the trophy, all the players posed with the cup along with their families. The celebration was attended by Mohamed Salah’s little daughter Makka. His princess was too cute for words, so could shutterbugs miss the opportunity to capture her overloaded cuteness.

When Makka was running towards the sprinklers on the turf, photographers gathered to capture and the pictures of her soon started getting viral on the internet. In the pictures, Makka could be seen walking on the pitch alongside her dad.

But, a twitter user after seeing the picture tried to educate Salah. However, his tweets have been deleted now. He tried to teach him to dress his daughter appropriately. Makka was wearing a skirt and a top, and it off*** the man He wrote: “I’m not happy about how Mo Salah dresses up his daughter. He should know better as a Muslim”.

However, his tweets didn’t go well down with the fans and twitter users and they started defending Salah.

One user defended: You’re an embarrassment and the worst kind of Muslim. In the month of Ramadan, worry about yourself and let a man who has actually been a really positive role model for Muslims around the world live his life. Frankly it’s weird you’re thinking this about someone else’s daughter.

Another wrote: IslamISM likes to judge and dictate other ppl’s lives. @MoSalah respects his daughter’s free choice and is a great and successful rolemodel for modern, secular muslims.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 04 Jun 2019

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