Mary Kom co-star was upset with Priyanka Chopra being cast as the titular role in film

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 06 Jul 2021

Actress Lin Laishram, who belongs to North-eastern India spoke about the film Mary Kom in which she had played a supporting role beside Priyanka Chopra.

Lin said that she was extremely upset over the fact that Priyanka Chopra was chosen to play the titular role of Mary Kom instead of an actor from the north-east who would have brought more authenticity to the role in her opinion. . Lin said, “That self-centered egoistic actor in me tells me that I should have been cast… But it could have been anybody from the North East. We have many great actors. I want to be generous here, and say that there were many, many actors who could have done this. But the casting and the whole team decided on a mainstream actor. It’s heartbreaking, but we are coming along, and I hope that this does not happen again.”

Lin who herself played a supporting role in the film said that she admired Priyanka for her dedication and the hard work she put in to become Mary Kom on-screen but she expected the casting team to do a better job.

“I always felt that casting is an important step in film. I believe in authenticity and inclusivity, so a girl from Manipur or the North East could have been surely cast to represent us…” she had said.

Lin last appeared in the Netflix film, Axone.

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